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Insight of the week: Consumers scan star ratings regardless of reading reviews

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014

The direct customer feedback within online reviews provides great context to shoppers who are looking to understand the experience your dealership provides. Not only do verbatim comments call out the stellar (or poor) service of individual staff members, they help identify process issues and dealership needs, a benefit to both the dealership and consumers. However, the impact […]

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Insight of the week: CPO buyers outrank used-car buyers in brand loyalty

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014

Previous experience with a manufacturer's brand is one of best indicators of future purchase. If a consumer enjoys his or her vehicle, has a consistent, positive experience with the dealership and is unencumbered by the strain of constant vehicle maintenance, there's a strong chance the individual will become a repeat customer. And though customer retention has historically […]


Cars.com in the news - 11/14

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014

From Ford's new F-150 to dealership best practices, here's a recap of last week's top news stories featuring Cars.com. Ford F-150 Dee-Ann Durbin of the Associated Press published a syndicated story on Ford’s new aluminum-based F-150. Chief Analyst Jesse Toprak was featured, sharing his take on the potential implications for business owners and consumers alike. Female […]

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Audience Spotlight: The Certified Pre-Owned Car Shopper

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014

More than a third of in-market shoppers on Cars.com consider CPO vehicles when researching their purchase; however, you may not know what differentiates CPO-friendly consumers from the average new or used-car shopper. Often undecided, CPO shoppers value research and piece of mind, ranking vehicle reliability and manufacturer-backed warranties among their top points of influence. And with searches up […]


Cars.com in the news - 11/10

Posted by on Nov 10, 2014

From new leadership changes to robust new-car sales, here's a recap of last week's top news stories featuring Cars.com. Cars.com Leadership Gannett announced former Executive Vice President and COO, Alex Vetter, would be named CEO and President of Cars.com. Automotive News shared a related story featuring Vetter and former Cars.com President Mitch Golub. Industry News Chief Analyst Jesse Toprak was featured on […]

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Insight of the week: Online reviews universally used in dealership selection

Posted by on Nov 7, 2014

Word-of-mouth marketing is important for all businesses, but it's particularly essential in automotive. With the majority of car shoppers going online to research both inventory and dealerships before visiting the showroom, the impression you and your dealership make through online reviews and merchandising can be the difference between a shopper buying from your store or a dealership across town. What was once […]